User Analytics

This is a brand new service that is currently in beta testing now. We will slowly release this to our brands upon request. Deep User Analytics is our fancy way of saying that we can track every outgoing campaign effort and correlate it to an incoming behavior of the user (player). Outgoing campaigns include different mailers, outbound calls, causal contact with the user, retention and conversion campaigns. The incoming behaviors would be login by the user, a deposit attempt, a deposit, revenue generated. We can custom add other metrics as needed.

  • Maximize Conversion

    Customized automated delivery of mailers with the call to action messages for players who have not reacted (user behavior) to marketing efforts. These mailers and time intervals can be fully customized.

  • Maximize Retention

    Automated mailers or SMS messages to users who have not engaged within the desired time frames.

  • Automated Mailing System (SMS if desired)

    Complete integration into any mailing provider that provides an API. Currently, we have a mailing partner who specializes in outbound opt-in emails.

  • Correlation and Causation

    The more you use our system the more statistical information you will receive on how your marketing efforts affect your revenue. Find correlation and causation relationships to focus your marketing efforts on what works. Reduce time waste and cost by dropping engagement campaigns that do not work.