Reliable Affiliate Tracking offers reliable tracking as well as accurate reporting from a customized affiliate software specifically developed with affiliates in mind. Robust impression and click tracking with programable campaigns allows affiliates to optimize site performance.

You can be sure that your earnings are secure and transparent at Here's a little more details on how your players are tracked to your affiliate account. When you retrieve the banners or text links from the "marketing materials" section of the administration panel you place these links on your site. When a potential player clicks on any of these links or banners a cookie is placed on the browser of the player identifying you as the referral of that particular player. If the player signs up and deposits you get credit. There is no expiration date on your players. These players are yours for life. This means you earn life time revenue of your referred players.

Finding your reports have never been easier. You can find your impressions, clicks, deposits, wagers placed by your players. You can even find the unique identifier for each referred player.

Rich Media Banners are delivered via a world wide content network distribution. This means that the potential players receive the banners from the server closest to them.