Gaming Platform

Our gaming platform is by far our "pièce de résistance", our "gran finale". This is our own proprietary gaming platform software. Our team has worked diligently for years to create a commercial grade transaction based software application. We are continually developing it to meet the continual standards. One thing they don't tell you is that it's one thing to make a platform, but quite another to maintain it and progress with both the increase in the technical prowess of our competitors and adapt to the overall industry. We do not show anyone the tech behind the genius, but we will say that speed, scalability, and integration ease are the pillars of the architecture.

  • Start your own bitcoin casino or sportsbook:

    If you want to start your own casino or sportsbook then this is where you will want to start. We make it easy for you. We can provide the platform, integrations, and reporting that will make your project viable. We often mention bitcoin casinos and sportsbook, but in fact, it can be any type of casino. If you choose to receive fiat money for deposits and withdrawals, we have done that as well.

  • Be autonomous:

    When you use a typical white label casino you often find that you are not flexible on the types of games you can employ in your casino. This is because other white label providers have a limited number of games they provide. Our proprietary platform can integrate into any third party provider. This future proofs your gaming site. We have found that if you use a white label with a fixed set of gaming providers, which is usually 1 provider, you will be quickly outdated relative to your competition.

  • Think outside the box.

    Our gaming platform can be integrated with any gaming or non-gaming project you can imagine. Start a casino, bingo room, or sportsbook. Think outside the box for a moment. What about horse racing, backyard dog racing, frog racing, or even a "rat race", If it is crazy enough, it just might work.