Affiliate Software

Hey there Mr or Mrs. brand owner. If you do not have an affiliate program, stop what you are doing and email us for an immediate consultation. You really do need one, regardless of whether or not you know it. Remember, a wise man once said, "What you actually need and what you think you need are rarely the same thing." I made that one up myself. Even though it is obvious, it doesn't mean it's not true. Now, this is truer than ever. We can have your affiliate program fully functional in no time at all with minimal cost.

What if you already have an affiliate program. You have already taken a step in the right direction. Are you tired of paying tons of money to a publicly traded company to offer you poor service and poor quality affiliate tracking service? Ahem, IA we are looking at you guys! We can migrate your existing affiliate program to our platform. Migrating data is a bit tricky, and does take some developer time in order to import affiliate commissions, clicks, impressions, commission structures, revenue, etc.. Starting off from scratch is easier, but you may NEED to migrate with all of the information. We can do it.

  • Start Your Own Affiliate Program:

    A successful affiliate program provides its affiliates with reliable, discrete, and non-mutable tracking and revenue calculations. This is what we can offer you. A trustworthy software at a reasonable price.

  • Join our Affiliate Network

    A fast and easy way to start your affiliate program is to launch your affiliate program on our Affiliate Network. This is a fully managed solution, that not only gives you immediate access to thousands of affiliates but fully managed by our own staff. You will only have to set the commission structures and we will take care of the day to day boring customer service support.

  • Start Your Own Program & Join the Affiliate Network

    The ultimate Power Up move. Have the best of both worlds, by having your affiliate program on both your own stand-alone affiliate tracking software under your control and on the affiliate network.

  • Flexible and Customizable

    Our affiliate software offer's more flexibility than a contortionist working in Cirque de Sole. There quite a number of ways you can track your affiliate traffic. Track clicks, impressions, registrations, first deposits, campaigns used, amount many, many more.

    Track your affiliate performance with the frequency that makes the most sense to you. If processing power is not an issue, then you might want to track in real time.